Register on line for Weekend and individual Day Passes! Its not too late to attend this year’s Bash!

At  Brie’s Pop Up Parties / Well Rounded BBW, we are taking it back to our roots.

Our annual summer parties began years ago when fate dropped a sweet July venue deal into my lap when I was actually searching for Halloween dates!  I didn’t know if we could pull it off, but that first Well Rounded BBW Bash was truly a community event.  Everyone came together, and with much hard work we made it happen in under 3 months, and on less than a shoestring budget!  It was an amazing Bash, thanks to the many people that helped make it all happen.

The universe is a funny place, and once again (although for very different reasons) there were many good venue deals to choose from. I chose Sam’s Town because they were so great to us last time and we’re thrilled they want us back!  They offered me an amazing deal. In fact it was so good I want to pay it forward, as a big Thank You to all my peeps.  We should all be able to take advantage of this amazing bargain, we all NEED THIS BASH. It’s been a rough year, and we deserve it!  I am committed to doing this Bash at the absolute cheapest price I possibly can. No profit, not one nickel in my pocket, all of it will go into the Bash. I want to celebrate our survival, and honor the power of a community that cares about each other.  We may collectively have gotten knocked down, but  we can get back up and do this grassroots / it takes a village event again.

As you all know, I have high standards for the type of events that I throw.  You’ll see those same high standards again, because you deserve it, and that’s just how I do. However, with the special pricing that we were able to secure,  and the massive amount of equipment, decor, staging and lighting I’ve purchased over the years, we can offer this Bash at a much, much lower price. This a balancing act, of course we have to take in enough to host the event, but as I said I’m committed to reinvesting any extra funds right back into making the Bash extra spectacular and economical to attend too, so that you will get even more value!  We’re having a couple amazing sales to kick off this event. The best value is the first sale,  a 24 hour event with the unbelievably low price of Full Week Bash Pass for only $99, and Weekend (Friday and Saturday) for just $69.  Then it will be the regular door price of Full Week $199. and Weekend Friday Saturday $99. I strongly urge you to register as soon as possible. If you miss the Super Early Bird 24 Hour Sale, don’t worry! You’ll get one more chance, one week later, still at a bargain price  $129 for the Full Week and $89 for the weekend.  

I might surprise you with another sale later, but don’t count on it!  The sooner you act, the more money you’ll save, and the more fun you will have! Come join the community, let’s make this year the best Bash ever!

Please help me make this happen! I want you all to attendee but if you can’t please please share this info on your social media. Together we can make it happen.

Bash Updates

May 18, 2021
Bash Passes on Sale Now!

May 6, 2021
I’m so excited! The Early Bird starts TONIGHT!
Midnight tonight and lasts 48 hours. So if you missed the last sale it’s not too late to save a huge amount off the door price. We had record breaking sales already, let’s keep the momentum going!

April 27, 2021
Registration for the July 2021 event opens this Friday APRIL 30th! A full 24 hours to save for this summer’s bash! We are so excited for July!

We have secured Sam’s Town once again for our Summer Bash!
• 4+ star rated guest rooms
• Multiple restaurants
• Food Court (24 hours) & Buffet
• 56 Lane Bowling Complex
• State of the art Arcade
• 500 seat BINGO Hall
• Live Keno
• One of the largest square foot Casinos in Las Vegas
• 18 screen Century Cinema & Movie Complex
• Poker Room
• Gym/workout room
• Huge Race and Sports Book, Spa, Salon, Resort style Pool & More!

March 1, 2021
Save the Date! Our 2021 Summer Bash is CONFIRMED!