See you in July and October 2021

Hello! I’m Brie, your party host. Over the last 27 years I have hosted many size-acceptance events like this one all over the country! While they all have the common thread of unity, friendship and size acceptance, they are all a bit different. I truly love planning these events. It may sound corny but this is in my blood and my soul; I’m not the same without them and many people over the years have said the same thing to me. It’s what motivates me to continue them:) Seeing the lifelong friends we have made over the years & meeting new ones at each event! If you been here before you know exactly what I’m talking about:) And if you’re new, then you’ll see what we mean – and you’ll be back!

Bash Updates!

Bash Date Postponed.  See you in July and October 2021!

July, 2020

Great News From Sams Town! They are giving us the same great hotel rates starting at just $39. per day & also reducing the resort fee for us! To get our discounted room rate you must use our code Discount booking code A0BPC1
Sam Town prefers we book online.

March 2020

Halloween Spooktacular Bash is coming together!

BBW Club Catalina has just signed on to sponsors a party. I love that our BBW community sticks together and is supportive of each other. Thank you Kathy Edmondson and David.

March 2020